Pre-Order “Where I’ll be Waiting” for EPC and shiMMer.



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Hi all,

As I will be attending Euro Pride Con and shortly afterwards shiMMer I decided to create pre-order forms for these events, so I can plan better how many books to bring 🙂 Of course you can also bring your own book, so that I sign it, but for those of you, who want to shop at the events, please fill out these forms. I will have a small extra contingent of books, but as I will have to transport them alone, it won’t be too many.

Here is the form for Euro Pride Con:

Pre-Order for EPC

and here for shiMMer:

Pre-Order for shiMMer

Please make sure, to follow the right link, so that there won’t be any mixed up orders.

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Where I’ll be Waiting – now in Paperback


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Right in time for shiMMer MM UK author signing and Euro Pride Con 2017 “Where I’ll be Waiting” is now out as paperback. Pick your book up now, and I will gladly sign it for you there. But I will have books with me, too 🙂…/…/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1…


For your countries amazon site, just change the .com into the respective url. 🙂


Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention for “Where I’ll be Waiting”.


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This week I got special good news, that still make me smile every time I remember. “Where I’ll be Waiting” got a Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention.

I could dance with happiness!

Please bear with me as I quote:

1) A lovely story, with twists and turns that kept me hooked.

2) Haunting and unique.


To learn more about the Awards and the Honorable Mention please visit:

For those of you, who still want to grab “Where I’ll be Waiting” – All Romance e-books does a Cyber Monday Sale and it is currently at $2.12 after rebate:



SHIMMER MM UK author signing


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1 st July 2017 I will attend Shimmer MM UK Author Signing. You will have the chance to meet up with many author’s and readers and get your books signed. I hope to see many of you there! For more information please visit:

The location looks wonderful and the team is already working hard to make it an amazing event! Here is some information about it:


All the best,


Where I’ll Be Waiting by Monika De Giorgi #LGBT #Review #Dreamscape #MMRomance

Review for “Where I’ll Be Waiting” 🙂

Rainbow Gold Reviews

Marc reviews ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ by Monika De Giorgi. This book was published by eXtasy Books on June 8th and is about 200 pages long.

RGR received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I took this book with me on my summer vacation in Spain. It was my first dreamscape book, but I do love the power of our mind and subconscious. The power of imagination and the psychological aspect of encountering our dreams and nightmares to work through issues every night. This book intrigued me and I’m glad I picked it up.


Jesse meets a wonderful guy who is caring, attentive, lovable, and handsome to boot. Unfortunately, the only time he sees Cameron is in his dreams—dreams that are never flimsy and fast forgotten in the morning, but feel very real. And the longer they go on, the more palpable they feel to Jesse.

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