The Little Things – Jay Northcote


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LittleThingsJoel’s life is pretty good. He has a job he likes, a wonderful little daughter whose Mum is his best friend, a caring sister and a fun boyfriend, who maybe doesn’t treat their relationship as exclusive as Joel would like, but they are good together and so he doesn’t make a fuss about it. But then one day faith shows her cruel side and Joel’s life gets turned upside down. Suddenly he finds himself a grieving, full time single dad, without a boyfriend, who is feeling pretty directionless. When he meets Liam, he is so, so drawn to the gentle, caring man, but on the other hand, he doesn’t feel ready for a relationship, so soon after loosing his best friend Claire and his boyfriend Dan.
But Liam is so good to him and his little daughter? How will he decide? Will he risk his heart again, for the chance to find a love, he always dream of, but suddely fears?

The Little Things by Jay Northcote is a love story, but not first and foremost. Mostly it is a story about family, fatherhood, friendship and how grief affects your life and everday decisions for a long time, after the drastic moment everything changed.
For me, this didn’t do the story any harm. I loved how the narration showed, how Joel is first a father, then everything else and how he tries and tries to do the best for Evie. The interactions between him and Evie speak of love and affection and I enjoyed joining them on their day to day adventures. My favorite character was Joels sister – the parts where these two interacted showed the strong bond between brother and sister and their banter was great fun listening to.

Jay Northcote wrote characters, that grew on me very fast and I soon liked Joel and Evie a lot. I wished them all the best and cried a bit about Joels desperation and heartache, after he lost Claire.
So I was a bit disapointed, when I never could really care for Liam. He seems nice and all, but I don’t know, if it was how the narrator played him or if he really is written this way, to me he always came across a bit sketchy and I never trusted him. And his dirty talk in the erotic scenes, for me seemed just like from a sleazy porn movie and I jumped over them while listening, even if I like my books steamy. I just thought: Hot? Joel, hot where? For me it was more like: Ewww make Liam shut up, please. And I never have any objections, if there is dirty talk in stories etc.
But maybe it was, that Liam really moved too fast and if I where Joel I would have found myself feeling rushed, too. When he interacted with Evie, he was too sweet. As if he wanted to get trough her, to Joel. In other books, I would have found a guy like him romantic, but something never sat right with me.
So, I loved the family part etc, how Joel adjusted to becoming full time daddy, cat owner etc. He and Evy where just precious together and part, where he describes her creative ways of dressing herself etc, made me laugh out loud and were just fun. But I couldn’t really feel with the romance, because I didn’t like the new boyfriend. ;)
Protective listener/reader is sometimes maybe too protective of characters she loves.
Still it is a lovely story and I liked it very much, even if I never liked Liam.
Joel and Evie, and Joels family are just so great, I will gladly revisit them and maybe I will see, what Joel sees in Liam then. Matthew Lloyd Davies did great work, bringing these characters to live and I enjoyed listening to him very much. I loved, how he brought all the emotions trough my headphones, so I didn’t even notice how time flew while listening. He and Jay Northcote are a great team and I enjoy how written narration and spoken narration make wonderful listening experiences.

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Information via Dreamspinner:
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Narrator: Matthew Lloyd Davies
Length: 7 hours and 30 minutes

Gewinnspiel: Gewinn zwei Tickets für Gothic Castle 2015! :)


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10425127_672830296172473_3862196375032880488_n Zur Feier meiner neuen Facebook-Autorenseite und meiner Lesung auf Gothic Castle 2015, auf die ich mich schon so sehr freue, dachte ich, es wird es mal wieder Zeit für ein Gewinnspiel.

Dieses Mal, gibt es einen ganz besonderen Preis.
1x 2 Tickets für Gothic Castle!

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Not Just Friends – Jay Northcote


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not just friendsLewis is excited. For the first time, he leaves home. He is going to college, where he will share a flat with other guys and have to take care of himself. He knows, this will be a whole new experience and he looks forward to it. But life has more surprises in stock for him than new friends, parties and new knowledge from his college courses. One of his roommates is Max. An out and proud, handsome young man, with a sad past and a sparkling personality, that seems the complete opposite of collected Lewis. Still, they become fast friends and Max makes Lewis come out of his shell. But Lewis soon notices, that it isn’t just friendship he feels for Max. He wants him – as lover and boyfriend. When Max’ boyfriend cheats on him, he and Lewis, land after a lot of wine and comfort food, in bed together. But the next day, Max tells Lewis, he doesn’t want to risk their friendship, with a rebound. Their attraction to each other is strong. Even so, they both try to make it work as friends, even if Lewis still wants more. Then a trip home brings Lewis news, that make him need Max’ friendship more then ever, but also strenghten his wish for love and closeness. Maybe he has to move on?
“Not Just Friends” written by Jay Northcote and narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies is a sweet “Friends to lovers” romance, told to us from the POV of Lewis – a young man, who leaves home for the first time, to go to college and has suddenly more on his plate than figuring out his new courses and taking care of himself for the first time. Lewis always thought he was straight, but his new best friend Max fascinates him so much. Even Lewis’ ex-girlfriend never evoked such strong feelings in him. And a night in Max Arms, gives him hope, that Max feels the same. But these two have some more hurdles to overcome, before they can find their happiness together.

The Story starts with introducing Lewis, his family and his new flatmates. And just like Lewis’, the listeners calm gets shaken up, with Max’ arrival in the flat, he and Lewis will share with three other boys. Max’ is sparkling, catches your attention and you just want to get to know him. From the second, he was part of the story, I was completely drawn in. Just like Lewis was. Even if they seem like complete opposites, the two young men fit and their friendship was fast but very believable. You could see, what Lewis’ sees in Max, even in the moments Max hurts him. Max is never malicious or selfish. He just has fears and lived trough a lot of pain. Max also makes Lews go out, take chances and embrace life. He brings color and fun, to shy and collected Lewis and deeply cares for his friend.
But Max also confuses Lewis. So much. Jay Northcotes writing gives you a lot of insight in Lewis feelings and thoughts. So you can’t help but feel with him. His forementioned confusion, his yearning and pining, his heartbreak and the love he feels for Max. The story completely sucks you in. Matthew Lloyd Davies narration catches you and he gives the characters life and their own voice. He fitted the story perfectly. Often I just wanted to hug Lewis’ and tell Max that getting a boyfriend, doesn’t have to mean losing a best friend. With Lewis’ words: “Can’t you be both?”. To be so drawn into an audiobook, both the writing and narration have to be exquisite and for me “Not Just Friends” had both.
If you love catching and sweet “Friends to Lovers”-Stories, search no more. You just found a perfect companion for a few hours, well spent in the flat of some cute college boys.
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More about Jay Northcote can be found here: Jay Northcote (<-Click!)

Information via
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Narrator: Matthew Lloyd Davies
Length: 6 hours and 47 minutes

Gothic Castle 2015 – wieder dabei :)


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10425127_672830296172473_3862196375032880488_nAm 29.08.2015 findet auf der Burg Satzvey in Mechernich wieder Gothic Castle statt und ich freue mich sehr dieses Jahr wieder mit einer Lesung vor Ort zu sein.

Ich werde Euch aus einem meiner aktuellen Projekte vorlesen. Die Auswahl habe ich noch nicht getroffen. Beide sollen zu diesem Zeitpunkt fertig sein. ;)

Natürlich ist neben einem tollen Markt, auch wieder musikalisch spannendes geboten:

Ich zitiere die Veranstaltungseite:

Headliner – Exklusive Festivalshow Westdeutschland!
Die Gothic Rock Kultband schlechthin ging 2008 aus den legendären GARDEN OF DELIGHT hervor. Mit hypnotischen Beats und eingängigem Gesang begeistern die Düsterrocker weltweit zigtausend Fans.

Die extrovertierten Musiker haben sich mit Haut und Haaren dem Avantgarde / Visual Rock verschrieben und begeistern mit ihren spektakulären “Sound And Vision” Shows.

Die außergewöhnliche französische bietet Dark Metal mit einer besonders delikaten Note. Ihr Sound ist druckvoll und modern, irgendwo zwischen Gothic, Rock und Electro!

Die vier charismatischen Musiker kommen aus dem fernen Bari in Süditalien. Mit einer wahrhaft rasanten Mischung aus Gothic und Industrial Metal, gespickt mit Dark & Glam Rock Elementen, will die temperamentvolle Band die internationale Musikwelt erobern.

Die Dark Wave Legende zieht mittlerweile seit 1992 mit atmosphärischen Sounds ihre atmosphärischen Runden und weiß sich dabei immer wieder neu zu erfinden, musikalisch wie auch optisch!

Auf der Facebook-Seite von Gothic Castle habe ich außerdem entdeckt:

Mit Steampunk Zauberer Professor Abraxo konnten wir einen äußerst faszinierenden Showact für unsere Veranstaltung gewinnen! Seine Bühnenpartner sind nämlich…””goldenen” Pythonschlangen und schneeweißen Nattern”! Für mutige Besucher wird es nach der Show übrigens die Möglichkeit für ein persönliches Foto mit umgelegter Schlange geben!

Ich hoffe ihr seid dieses Jahr wieder zahlreich vor Ort. Ich würde mich freuen Euch zu treffen. An die Lesung letztes Jahr denke ich oft und gerne zurück!

Eintritt ist ab 14:00 Uhr, die Tickets kosten 15,00 Euro im Vorverkauf (zzgl. 1,50 Euro Bearbeitungsgebühr und 20:00 Euro an der Tageskasse.

Rock On!



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