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In English today, because this posting is dedicated to a very talented band called “All my faith lost” and their great EP “Decade”.

I got this EP because “maybe it could help me writing” and it really did. It’s a very dreamy, fairylike, but also sombre and “Goth”-Styled Music my Vampire Damian would definitely like and listen to.

While listening to it, I always was reminded of a score for a Movie, not for a special Movie, but the CD could definitely be a score, for a dark and romantic fairytale, about a lost realm with creatures beautiful, sensual but also cruel. Dark forests, abandoned old buildings. Fluttering creatures and the wind singing sadly. Dead, Love, Lust, Hate …
You see, the music woke pictures my mind.

You know, for me music is all about the stories it tells me, not necessarly with it’s lyrics but more trough it’s melody, the voices of the singers and the feelings they and the band transport to the listener/ to me.

And this EP has a lot of stories to tell. I think it’s going to be the soundtrack for the last chapters of “Edens Asche – Engel der Dornen” (Vol. III), which is going to be my next project, after finishing a shortstory which is due to November 20th.

Here you can listen, to some of the songs, find information about the band, tourdates etc.

And here you can buy their music:
All my faith lost – Decade