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Things I learned tonight:
– Some Vampires can sunbathe
– You just need a dried out field and some stock material (you know the stock material, because it is actually filmed in a better qualitiy than the rest of the movie) and a sports place, voila: ready is the movie set.
– Vampires never wear shirts, except for the Coven master
– There is a whole university with just two students, it seems … in LA.
– Dialogues out of twilight are much more fun, when spoken by two guys. Esp. when one of them has more expression in one minute than Kirsten Stewart in a whole movie.

Want to know, what I’m talking about?:

Vampire Boys:


But: It was fun. Really. My Face hurts and I had tears in my eyes. It was really, really fun.

Not the greatest movie in the whole world, not the best done movie in the world, and some actors should think about their profession, but we had a funny evening.

Why am I writing this in english?