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The Gravedigger's BrawlThe Gravedigger’s Brawl by Abigail Roux

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Of course I had full believe that Abi would write a Ghost Story that would keep me hooked to my Kindle, but I also was not sure how I would feel with a book written by her that has no Ty or Zane. Even if I read “Caught Running” already (and loved it, esp. Jake – he is soooo sweet), there was still this uneasy feeling.
But it was wonderful.

First we get introduced to Wyatt the history nerd and museum curator. Due to his dedication for the museum he hasn’t been much on dates. But his best friend Noah sets him up with Ash, the cute barkeeper from Gravedigger’s Tavern. A guy who is into a goth lifestyle called “Gaslight”, wears suspenders and a sexy tongue piercing which he matches with his outfits. But to Wyatts astonishment he and Ash have sparks flying between them.
But Wyatt panics, so he maybe ruins the chance they ever had to become more than a One Night Stand.

But even as Wyatts Job in the museum is hooked on very weak yarn he can’t forget Ash and as his new idea to save his position as curator is inspired by the barkeeper and brings up interesting history about Gravedigger’s Tavern, they meet again. Maybe there’s a chance for them? Strange happenings around Ash frighten them, but also strengthen their bond.

I was hooked to “Gravedigger’s Brawl” from the very beginning. I started it after I got up (very late) this morning and finished it this evening. As I’m down with flu, the book kept me awake and reading – so maybe you can imagine how goooood it is. I loved the setting, the historical influence in the story (I actually started research during reading about some of the facts, because I found them so fascinating and it gave me shudders, that weren’t caused by fever).
Abi Roux characters as always were alive for me as reader. I soon cared very much for the whole Gravedigger’s Staff and Noah and Wyatt. And the ghost story is a perfect Halloween read. I’m not easily scared but Ash’ haunting gave me more than once goosebumps. One reason was of course that I fell in Love with Ash from the very beginning. His humor is just endearing and he is so cute and lovable (and very sexy). As a Goth I also know how sexy Eyeliner on guys can be. Yum. ^^ But I also liked Wyatt very much.

And regarding the curse of the book:
As I wanted to download the book my internet said “Goodbye” to me and I had to connect via a hotspot I created with my phone (tethering), so I could download it. This worked. My phone still lives, so does my kindle, thank god. Also I’m back online now. So I hope for an unhaunted night of sleep .

The Book is available via Riptide Publishing<-Click!

Print release:
Oct 15 2012
eBook release:
Oct 15 2012
eBook formats:
pdf, mobi, html, epub
Word count: 66,000