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TGCR7Ty Grady and Zane Garrett – handsome, sexy, dangerous and so in love. The two FBI-Agents have been together for a while now and feel secure and happy in their relationship.
Until a phonecall takes them to New Orleans. A city full of shadows from the past, memories good and bad and dangers for Ty, who worked a difficult undercover job there.
Soon Tys past finds them and like a dangerous cat, it plays them. It’s claws tear trough their trust, love and very souls. But it wants more. Their lives.
Can Ty and Zane safe each other, their friends and the relationship they built? Or will they loose themselves in labyrinth of secrets, betrayal and New Orleans?

Are they strong enough to fight trough the (emotional) turmoil and gather the strength to stand against their enemies lurking in New Orleans?

Touch & Geaux is the 7th book in the praised Series about FBI Special Agents Zane Garrett and Ty Grady, written by Abigail Roux. The book was awaited with a lot of anticipation (and fear) by Abi Roux Minions (Fans). Secrets of the main protagonists pasts, the mystery whose name is Ty Grady and a new Character named Liam Bell turned us all in Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes combined.
The book didn’t disapoint. From the first second I was sucked into the story and found myself in the busy Streets of New Orleans. There’s a lot of action and mystery in the book, but my main fascination as reader were the wonderfully written insights in the feelings, thoughts and backstories of Ty and Zane, whose bond has to withstand a lot in this book. What is a lie? What is truth? How much hurt and secrets can love survive?

Also I love how Abigail Roux tells us little details over the books of the series, gives hints and keeps you on your toes. You do not want to miss something, because everything could be important – a hint about Ty, about Liam Bell, about the case Ty & Zane work, about how Ty and/or Zane became the men they are now.

Touch & Geaux never gets boring, it makes you always want to know more, because you don’t just read, you feel, somehow live the story on Tys and Zanes sides. You feel with them and for them.

The book is a very emotional read. For sensible readers (like yours truly here) lots of tissues and chocolate (or other soulfood) are necessary while reading this book. You will cry … a lot … trust me.
Short and hard: The book is not as funny as the others were, it’s no happy read but it’s a great read. A real page turner.
I loved it and read it in record time. Now, two days after I finished it, I’m still “haunted” by it. I’m sad, I’m really worried and I already I miss the main characters.

P.S. And I loved Nick in this book. I hope he and Kelly become an item.

This post is based on the ebook-version, purchased at Riptide Publishing.

I got the book early because my obsession with the series made me preorder ^^.

For more information or purchase klick here: http://riptidepublishing.com/titles/touch-geaux

eBook ISBN: 978-1-937551-86-5
eBook release: Apr 8 2013
eBook formats: pdf, mobi, html, epub
Print ISBN: 978-1-937551-87-2
Print release: Apr 8 2013
Word count: 93,500