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Laurel Heights #1Detectives Scott Turner and Will Harrison seem to be sworn enemies. Nonetheless their Captain pairs them up to go undercover in a closed community and investigate a murder on a young couple. Working so close together would be hard enough for the two strong willed men, but “Laurel Heights” is “gay couples only” so they will have to pretend to be a loving, caring pair to avoid blowing their cover.
To add further pressure both men have a secret, they feel the need to hide from each other, because the cops fear it would destroy everything they worked for. But living so close together and trusting the other will stand by your side and have your back in dangerous situations forces Scott and Will close and they detect sides in each other which makes it constantly harder to hold on to trained anger and resentment and fight the ever growing attraction between them. To “pretend” to be in love, always under the watchful eye of nosy neighbours, doesn’t make their situation any easier of course.
Also there is still a murderer on the lose among their neighbours, who have no concept of privacy and personal bubbles. Also there are the “get togethers” during which partners are swapped and orgies celebrated.

“Laurel Heights” by Lisa Worrall is a thrilling, captivating crime story with great, conflicted characters that catch and hold you from the very first page. I especially enjoyed the dynamics beteween Scott and Will and their banter. They don’t hesitate to insult and always one up each other and the nicknames they invent both invent describing the others attitudes made me laugh and wait grinning with what they would come up next.
The romance between them has a captivating build, with sparks and fire and keeps you as hooked to the novel as the crime story does. There is a love story there, not only lust, which makes for some great emotional scenes, that are never sappy!
I loved to try solving the case on Scott and Wills side and have to give the author kudos for keeping me guessing who “HE” is. I only found out when the Main Characters did and never would have guessed. I’m usually good in solving such mysteries. So, two thumbs up for Lisa Worrall.
Oh and how I cried with “HIS” victim. I won’t spoiler you here, but it was ugly and really not for the squeamish. I’m sure I went very pale more than once, while reading this scenes. So feel warned!
What I also very much enjoyed, how alive the secondary characters where. I could picture all inhabitants of Laurell Heights or Scotts and Wills Colleagues. My favorites among them were Scott and Wills usual partners. I loved how these women where strong characters who had their partners back and “took no shit.” So I very much look forward to Vol. 2 of this series on which the author works at the moment!

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