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Laurel HeightsA cruel Serial Killer haunts the Gay Community and Detectives Will and Scott are frustrated. The killer always is a step faster and never leaves any clues on the crime site.
Also, there is Scotts new hunky partner who seems to have the hots for Wills Man. Also the new Detective does everything to aggravate Will. Will of course, is not happy. His jealousy imbalances the happy relationship of him and Scott, because it leads to more than one heated argument between the Detectives. But Conflicts lead to Distraction, which they can’t afford if the men want to solve this case and prevent more sadistic murders.
Then a late night call from their friends in “Laurel Heights” reaches the couple. Another crime happened behind the closed gates of the community and opens old wounds, that never really healed.

I don’t want to go into more detail in this summary, because the tight woven plot has a lot of tempo and I won’t risk spoiling you.

Laurel Heights 2 was highly anticipated by yours truly here and as soon as the link for Amazon was online, the book found its way on my kindle. The Crime Mystery sets a fast pace from the beginning and keeps it up trough the novel. Like the characters, you can only guess, what will happen next and just try to keep up. I was completely in love with this storytelling. I was enthralled by Lisa Worrals Novel and couldn’t stop reading, guessing and trying to solve the case at Will and Scotts side.
Like with the last book, the author did amazing work with leaving the reader in the dark, while just throwing out enough information to keep you hooked and entertained. Also again the Serial Killer was a deeply disturbing character, whose crimes made me paler than my bedsheets. I found myself revulsed but also fascinated by this Evil born from Tragedy, as it so often is with antagonists like the one in Laurel Heights 2.
Will and Scott have more than one riddle to solve in this book and are always on the move. Always trying to finally get a break but also to be a help to their friends in “Laurel Heights”. A few quieter scenes between these two, that don’t take place between their sheets (okay, they are never really quite there ;)) are the only thing I missed in this book. I don’t say, there are too many sexscenes, because there are not. They are always fitting and seriously hot. But I would have loved, to see these to just interact as a with each other more outside of work, to find myself able to reconnect a bit, with one of my favorite literary couples. In Short: Nothing needs to be cut, I wish for more pages. Insatiable reader and fan, that I am.
Still, the book is a great, thrilling read. If you love a good Crime Mystery and loved Laurel Heights 1, you shouldn’t miss Laurel Heights 2 or read Book one and then get the #2.

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Information from Amazon.com:
File Size: 354 KB
Print Length: 143 pages
Publisher: White Stiletto Press (October 1, 2014)
Language: English