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PerfectImperfectionsJeremy Jameson is, what some call “Hollywood Royalty” – his father a famous rockstar, his mother a Big Screen Actress. It’s a lonely life, with no true friends. Only his music is always there for him. One night he meets Reg and Reg is different. Despite his knowledge about Jeremys person, he treats the famous musician like he is just another dude looking for a drink and maybe a nice chat.
Jeremy finds himself taken with the good natured guy and Reg also is drawn to the man, who is shy instead of standoffish and just yearns for company and friendship. That Jeremy is hot, doesn’t hurt either. Then Jeremy makes Reg an offer the adventure happy guy just can’t refuse. Reg will be Jeremys shelter on the next tour from red carpet hungry starlets and models. He will play the rockstars boyfriend for free board, the possibilty to travel the world he always wanted to see and spend more time with this fascinating man. Reg so is on board. Only, Jeremy is straight, isn’t he? And Reg could see himself falling hard and fast for the Musician.

Perfect Imperfections maybe isn’t the most realistic story out there, but the “Pretend Couple” Trope was always one of my favorites in a Romance and so I was sold. The book promised a read for times, when you just want to hide from the world, pamper yourself with a sweet love story, chocolate, a coffee and just be. And Perfect Imperfections really is the perfect bookish company for such day. The book is just so sweet I still smile when I remember it. The characters are cute guys you just can not fall in love with and care for. Their interactions are sometimes funny, sometimes sweet (I just love how caring and protective Reg gets with akward, shy Jeremy) and well in the later parts seriously sexy.
Even if the start was really fast in the way it sends the Protagonists on their way together you still feel the friendship grow between them in their talks and interactions with each other. The love story develops in a believable way and how sweet a fantasy the plot in itself is, Jeremy and Reg always feel alive and real. The book concentrates on these two and so they got oh so close to my readers heart, I felt like I was with them in every hotel room, interview situation etc of Jeremys Tour. My favorite parts where when Reg went all Mother Hen or as he called himself “Rockstar Wife” if I remember correctly on Jeremy.
So if you love a sweet romance you can just lose yourself in, don’t always need a really realistic plot, Perfect Imperfections is the book for you.
In my personal charts of reads it secured itself a place on the top and I will reread it soon. Short: Perfect Imperfections is perfect!

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File Size: 915 KB
Print Length: 205 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press; 1 edition (May 5, 2014)
Language: English

Cover posted with permission by the author.