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jockCole Reed is cynical, obsessive-compulsive, sarcastic and not the most outgoing guy around. Anal retentive loner is more apt a description for Cole, so he has every reason to be upset when his best friend and college roomate graduates and moves out. Leaving Cole with the dire prospect of a new, considering Coles luck – probably loud and messy housemate.

When housing administration moves Ellis in with him Cole notices two things immediately. First Ellis has the most incredible blue eyes, secondly he is Coles worst nightmare: A Jock. Since a Jock outed Cole in front of his whole highschool and ruined the little social life he had, Cole avoids them like the plague.

But after a very bumpy start as roomies, both learn get to know each other better and a fragile friendship forms – until a kiss happens.

„My Roomate is a Jock? Well, Crap!“ by Wade Kelly is a college romance that will keep you hooked to your player. The author creates characters that are lovable and feel very alive and true. They have quirks, an unique voice, look on life and layers. I loved Coles snarky way of telling us his story and the narrator Jason Lovett gave him a personality who fit Wade Kellys Main Character perfectly. It felt like sitting in a coffee shop with Cole and listening to him. And Ellis, Ellis is just sighworthy. Wade Kelly managed to give him and his friends their own room to introduce themselves to the listener. In other stories one often favors one characters POV and can’t wait for the author to return to them – here it isn’t like this. I enjoyed all parts the same and loved it listen to Ellis or his friends as much as listening to Cole. Jason Lovett did an excellent Job with all of them. His acting was felt always natural, fitting and on the spot, never overdone or afectated. „My Roomate is a Jock? Well, Crap!“ is a story of growth, growing in your on skin, growing as a person, growing up and finding oneself and the characters let you walk with them on this sometimes not easy street. There is angst and confusion, hurt and anger, but also laughter, love and friendship.
This audiobook had me laughing out loud on some spots, close to tears on others. If you want a story, that captivates and pulls you in, with characters, that will stay with you and grow on you, as they grow themselves then this is the right choice.

You can find the audiobook here: audible.de (Click!)

Or at Dreamspinner Press here: Click!

Cover Artist Anne Cain
Narrator Jason Lovett
Length 9 hours and 21 minutes