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GhostWhen Male Nurse Alex Tanner returns home after a hard day of work he just wants a shower, a glass of wine and time with Mc Dreamy in front of his TV. Of course he would prefer the tall, dark and handsome doctor on his couch, not just on the TV-Screen, but well …. What he doesn’t expect is a voice answering to his comments from the other end of his sofa because a) he is, as far too often, alone in his flat and b) well, return straight to a).
But, there he is, an intruder! Sitting on his couch! Alex get’s hysterical. Especially as his intruder claims to be a ghost. Alex flees. But when he returns with his best friend, the flat is empty and his best friend calms him down, claims nerves and stress and leaves Alex after he made sure the friend locked up properly.
But, the intruder never left. He just went invisible. And after a while Alex and his suitemate become friends and Alex wants to help his houseghost. So he saves Sids cat from the mans house and takes it in and tries to find ways, to make his ghostly status more enjoyable. But what if, you fall for the nice guy, who shows you, how a man should treat you and seems perfect in every way, but is dead and can’t even touch you? Alex is devastated. So is Sid. Can they ever have a happy end?

The Ghost On My Couch by L.A. Gilbert is a Ghost Story, that is not very spooky, but a perfect read if you search for fun, romance and don’t mind a bit angst at the side. Alex and Sid are characters that you care for very fast – because they are far from perfect. They are normal guys that could easily live (or spook ^^) next door, not your typical romance novel Main Characters. Alex especially had some moments, where I wanted to smack some sense into him, but … I wanted to do the same to my best friend sometimes, so yeah, he felt very real and you still will like him very much. 😉 Sid and his backround felt a bit constructed to me sometimes, as if the author took the easy way out, to tell the story, but even so I enjoyed to get to know this cute ghost and really rooted for him and Alex. I even teared up while reading more than once. I also loved Alex rude best friend. He was so funny and you could read how much he loved Alex in every insult 😉
My favorite parts where the interactions between Alex and Sid in Alex home. They were some really funny moments and I would have enjoyed it, if the author had given the friendship and relationship between these two more time to grow. Sometimes the storytelling seemed a bit rushed and I sometimes even checked if I had somehow jumped pages on my e-reader, because I had the feeling there should have been more. I’m sure it would never have bored me, to read about how these two went about sharing Alex small flat. I feel like there where chances missed to make the reader laugh or cry and get to know the characters better. Also, the ending was a bit predictable after a certain point in the story. That disapointed me a bit

Still, The Ghost On My Couch is an easy and fun read for the commute to and from work, or an evening on the sofa and I never felt regret about reading it.

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Verlag: Dreamspinner Press (22. März 2011)
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Sprache: Englisch