24th Jan 15 24 Hour LGBT Fiction PARTY to celebrate Euro Pride Con

If you can’t attend Euro Pride Con in July, but want to meet some of the attending authors or just have a little Pre-Party
you can do so at Saturday 24th Jan 15. And you don’t even have to dress up or leave your house. 😉
The celebration will be held on Facebook:
There will be author chats, giveaways and other goodies the creative minds gathered there can think up.

A few names that I already know about:
Kaje Harper, LM Somerton, Mya Lairis, Harper Fox, Alex Gabriel, Morticia Knight, Sedonia Guillone, Teodora Kostova, Monika De Giorgi, CJane Elliott and Iyana Jenna.

You see, I’ll attend, too. 😉
You can chat with me from 9:30 – 10.00 am (UTC+1:00)
I won’t leave the Party immediatly afterwards of course. So we can chat longer, but our conversation won’t be pinned on top anymore.

I look foward to meet you there and I also look forward to all the other authors, who will be attending.
Join us! 🙂

Edit: All attending authors and the schedule for your timezone, can be found here:


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