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GuyfromGlamourAUDLgDean Pierce is a Nightstalker. He pilots Chinook helicopters for the Army in Afghanistan. Then he gets the call, that his sister died in a car accident, leaving behind his 13 year old niece Nicki, for him to take care of. With a heavy heart he returns to the USA sure that he is the last person on earth able to care of a griefing teenage girl. The only thing he knows and wants is serving in the army as a Nightstalker.
When he arrives in his sisters hometown Glamour, Dean is overwhelmed by the family that took Nicki in, while his return was awaited. The Carrino Family is big, loving, loud and welcoming. The exact opposite of what he experienced in his own troubled childhood. Especially Anthony Carrino, Nickis guidance councelor reaches out to Dean and helps him connect with Nicki, building a new life outside the army and opening up to other people, despite his own problems and worries. And Anthony also slides trough all of Deans walls and defences and soon the soldier and the young man strike up a kind of friendship, that turns into something more very fast, as the men find themselves very much drawn to each other.
But what when one of them wants more then being “friends with benefits”? Or both? And how can Dean balance his own happiness with Nickis who needs his whole attention and is his first priority? And what happens when a face from Anthonys past shows up in Glamour again, wanting the guidance councelour back?

The Guy from Glamour
is an audiobook I downloaded on a whim in search of a romantic story that I could listen to while doing some mindless chores or commuting to and from work. The blurb promised exactly that. A book with romance, fun and lots of lovable, quirky characters – and that’s exactly what I got. Anthony and his family are characters you just can’t not like. And Dean touches you in a way, that makes you totally able to relate with Anthony and how he is so drawn to the Nightstalker, even with his silence and walls, that crumble faster than the army man can build them back up again, even if he wanted to. But you find yourself just as interested in the stories of the other characters sourrounding these two, as in their romance. And this is really well done buy the author, because all these supporting characters, are often just as important to Dean and Anthony, as they are to each other. And it shows in the whole story trough interactions and dialogue. Sometimes I even wished, I could linger a little longer with some of them, get to know them a bit more. Matt Bacas narration was an added bonus. His voice fit perfectly for Anthony, but he also gave the other characters life and a voice of their own. With this book he soon secured himself a place on my list of favorite speakers!

The Guy from Glamour is not a story that captivates you and doesn’t give you back until you finished it, but it is one of the novels that are cozy, warm and you just want to curl up in its world, like in a fluffy blanket. You just don’t want to leave it and its characters. It’s an audio book perfect for these cold winter days, to listen to while sitting inside in your favorite armchair or on your sofa and watch the snowflakes drift down, while smiling about the antics of Anthonys family members and his and Deans love story, which is steamy, passionate and oh so hearthwarming.
I look forward to the next installments of this series.

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Information via Dreamspinner Press:
Cover Artist Maria Fanning
Narrator Matt Baca
Length 8 hours and 12 minutes