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CandyManAdam Macias was never a lucky person. His family is not the loving and caring kind, his last and only relationship could not have been really called such, but lately an especially dark cloud of bad luck seems to hang over him, wherever he goes. His car died, which made him miss class, which made him lose his VA grant and practically homeless. Only his relative Rico still believes in him. He offers Adam to housesit his apartment, if he takes care of his dog and old cat, as long as Rico is away for his internship. So Adam sells his poor excuse of a car and invests his money in a bus ticket to Sacramento, formulating a plan, to bring his life back on track: Find a paying job, get back in school and secure his future.
Arriving in Sacramento, things look up. He very fast finds a job at Candy Heaven a sweets shop owned by enigmatic and caring Darren. A strange Willy Wonka Type of man, who takes Adam under his wing. On his first day there Adam meets Finn. Finn decides Adam is worth getting to know and worms his way into Adams life so fast, it steals the mans breath away. But Finn is everything Adam isn’t. Bright, friendly, cheerful and full of optimism. The young man, seems like he never knew hurt. Adam feels so drawn to Finn, no, not true, he is falling head over heels, but Finn is exactly the kind of distraction he knows he can not afford. And also: Adam is not happy, he will only darken Finns radiance. So he has to let him go.

Candy Man is a sweet, short, Christmas-Romance with fantasy elements and Main Characters you just want to cuddle and make the world better for them. Especially Adams Story just pulls on your heartstrings. I read Candy Man while I was sick and only wanted to stay under warm blankets on my sofa and it was the perfect companion for a time like this. An easy Christmas Fairy Tale with a captivating story and fascinating Characters. I especially was curious about Darren and hope, that Amy Lany will write more books about Candy Heaven, so I can get to know him better. I feel like he has seen many things and a lot of magic up his sleeves.
I liked both Adam and Finn. You just want Adam to find happiness und give all persons that caused him pain a choice kick to where it hurts most. And with Finn you felt, there were more layers to him, than his bright and cheerful façade. He, was the kind of person, you want to have in your life and who gets all your protective hackles up, because you never want this light in him get dimmer or extinguished. As always, when a story offers me great characters I just want to get to know better, I was soon drawn into the book and the story is just vibrant. I nearly could taste all the heavenly candy on my tongue and see Adams amazing drawings before my inner eye. I kind of wished Candy Man was illustrated, even if imagining the pictures up by yourself is more fun.
If you look for a fairytale, full of Magic, lovable characters and Romance sweet as Candy, get Candy Man. It’s a treat for your readers heart, you won’t regret!

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Information via Dreamspinner Press:
ISBN-13: 978-1-63216-679-1
Pages: 136
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

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