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Julian Hallowell is done pining over his roommate Danny. For a year, he dreamed Julian would see him as more as friend. Julian did everything to get noticed, but nothing worked. Danny just kept on with hooking up with the next twink and teasing Julian for his romantic ideas. So Julian decides, it’s time to move on. He needs to get out, date and find Mr. Right somewhere else. So when handsome Andy asks him out, Julian says yes, telling himself he’s totally over Danny. But he made this bet, without Danny.

“As You Are” by Ethan Day is a romantic Comedy, that will keep you hooked to your headphones. I started the book, because it was another one read by Jason Frazier, whose narration I absolutly adored in “Blame It on the Mistletoe” by Eli Easton. So I got this book, as soon as my credits with audible were renewed. And it was such a fun to listen to this book. Julians way of telling us about his life, dreams, family and friends is hilarious. Sometimes he comes across as a spoiled brat, I usually wouldn’t like very much, but he has a good heart and wants to do the right things, so you can’t help but root for him and care about him. There were some characters I never started to care for, on the other hand. I could never like his best friend Gabby. She is exactly the kind of woman, I would make an effort to not have to meet her in my daily life, (“Dinner Party? Sorry I have this family thing coming up!”) even if you feel how much she cares about Julian. And I hated Andy. I always saw him as kind of creepy and waited for him, to show a dark stalker side or something. Every time, he complimented Julian or wanted to meet up with him again I thought by myself: “Get lost, you creep! Julian, get the Pepper Spray and don’t let the dirty man touch you!”. On the other hand, I really liked Danny. He is a great friend to Julian and okay, he did something very stupid, but don’t we all sometimes? And maybe this is exactly why this story worked so well for me. Both MCs are flawed, but together they are perfect. You can see it, their friends and family can see it, maybe even Julian and Danny can see it, but they just need the shove in the right direction and the incentive to open their mouth and actually talk and not do … something else 😉 with it. If they get to it, is the other question, isn’t it? And for me it was great, that not all characters where likeable. That I don’t liked all friends of the MC’s etc, because this is reality for you. You won’t like every person you meet, even if they are friends of your (best) friends. This happened to me more than once, actually.

What I totally loved about “As You Are” is that the story is not predictable. I was kept guessing until the end, how everything will work out and if there will be the “Happily Ever After” you wish for or the “Happy For Now” Julian might settle for, because … nope, not going to spoil you.
Ethan Day created something incredible here, because usually, if you buy a Romance Story, you are 99.99% sure, who the MC will end up with. Not so, in this book. I needed nearly as many cigarettes listening to this book, as Gabby and Julian smoke in it, because I was kept guessing and fumbling arround in the dark. This definitly isn’t the last story by this author, I will listen to or read.

Speaking of Cigarettes – Hello there, Jason Frazier! I felt like I needed one, after the naughty scenes, too. Girls and boys, I said it once, I say it again. He is an incredible narrator for audiobooks – ALL the parts. Not just what you think. He always gets the right pitch, for every scene, every dialogue. His reading is never flawed. He draws you in and keeps you in the book until the very end. Every character has his or her unmistakable voice. I look forward to hear more of him and you all, keep your ears out!
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Information via Audible.de:
Author: Ethan Day
Narrator: Jason Frazier
Length: 05 hrs 51 Min – unabridged
Published: 04.02.2015
Language: Englisch
Publisher: Wilde City Press, LLC