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howl Tim just needs to find his footing again, after beeing screwed over by his former boss. He wants to grow vegetables and roses on the small plot of land he rented and start a little business. Sheriff Lance Beaufort is suspicious about the new face in town. The young man is nervous, secretive and surely up to no good. Rumours about drug crimes too close to Mad Creek for comfort, do the rest, to convince him, that he has to keep an eye on Tim, especially after a backround check shows the sheriff, that Tim was not really truthful about himself. He has to protect his pack, because see: Mad Creek is a town inhabited mainly by shifters and their families. Dog Shifters to be precise and Sheriff Beaufort is their leader.
Going “undercover” as stray Chance he finds a “new” happy home with Tim and yes, happy he is. Tim loves Chance and Chance aka Lance Beaufort discovers, that there is more to Tim then his first impression. Tim has secrets, yes, but he doesn’t seem a dangerous drug grower and dealer. The sad, young man touches his heart and he wants to help him. But how can he do that?
Lances meddling mother has some ideas of her own and so chaos ensues.

“How To Howl At The Moon”
by Eli Easton is the first book of a new series about the dog shifters of Mad Creek and I loved every second of it. I finished it in one go, after I found it on my Kindle Saturday Morning, thanks to having preordered the book. Especially Tim touched my heart immediatly, just like Sheriff Lances. He was so loving and caring with “Chance” – I just love a man who is great with dogs and I “awwwwwed” loudly while reading the scenes. The scenes with “Chance” where overall my favorites in the book. Lances shifter persona is adorable! I also very much enjoyed Eli Eastons take on shifters. She gives them a new spin, which makes everything more interesting. I like the idea of the “quickened” and “the spark”. I won’t go into details, to avoid spoilers, but if you like shifter stories, take a look at this book. It is written great and something new. I so look forward to read more about this shifter pack coming winter. I was excited to see, that my favorite side character will get his story.
“To Learn To Howl At The Moon” is a fresh, captivating and also funny read, with characters that take hold of you and won’t let you go until you finished the book. Especially Tim, with his sad past makes your heart ache for the cute boy and you just want to keep him close and take care of him. As mentioned before, I loved the scenes with “Chance” and they were a special bonus for me. I have two dogs as some of you may know, and these scenes really showed, that the author knows dogs and has herself a little pack at home. So they made me smile a lot. The romance in this book is sweet and adorable. I just wanted to coo at my Kindle. I was so happy for Tim!
So, if my blog had stars, I would give this book all of them plus glitterhearts because I just loved it!

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