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Shy All Quinn wants is an easy one-night stand and sexy Aaron seems just the right guy for it. A bit shy, but seriously hot.
But the night goes not as expected. Aaron is a virgin and wants Quinn to be his first. Quinn refuses, because Aaron is a “nice kid”, the complete opposite of Quinns promiscuous self. He tells Aaron his first time, should be special, with someone who means something to the younger man and leaves. But Aaron cant forget Quinn. Then suddenly Quinn is standing in the office of his parents horse farm, applying for a job.

“Shying Away” by Kate Sherwood was a book I started and then couldn’t put away. I loved both Aarons and Quinns voices and soon became attached to these so different from each other men. Especially Quinn. With the way he treated Aaron, even if he seemed a bit harsh, you just knew, that there was more to him, then the mask of the “predator” on the prowl he wanted to don and show to others. Just like Aaron was more than the innocent, shy and beautiful boy he seemed. Both MCs had facettes to them, and I loved, how I could discover them while reading about their progress in getting to know each other and building up a tentative friendship. The way Aaron is with Quinn I often felt reminded of “The Little Prince” and his taming of the fox. While Aaron fell hard and fast, Quinn needs time to allow himself to care and trust and give in to his ever growing feelings for Aaron. But with a backstory like his it is no wonder.
“Shying Away” is very well written. The characters all have their own voices and a backround that makes them believable and real. So is Quinns family not all bad and Aarons family not completely perfect. There are always some shades in life and these shades and facettes can be found in every character in the book. This makes them personalites I as reader can relate to, not just gush over. Aaron and Quinn where both MCs that felt close and real, too mee. I look foward to read more about these two.
Still, the book is not a heavy and angsty read all the time. It has the right mix of humour and angst, with an not too predictable plot, to make it an enjoyable read, that keeps you hooked to the e-reader until the end and leaves you with a happy sigh and a bit of sadness, to have to bid this characters goodbye.

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Information via Dreamspinner Press:
ISBN-13: 978-1-61581-939-3
Pages: 240
Cover Artist: Catt Ford