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right words Luke Preston desperately needs the interior decorating job his best friend Brandon got him. So when he finds himself not faced with “Jamie” after knocking on the old beach houses door he hoped to remodel, but instead with an angry soccer player, who just wants to send him on his not so merry way asap, he has to fight hard, to not drown in panic and desperation. This job was his hope, to move on into a brighter future, after escaping an abusive relationship with his former boss. But somehow he finds the right words and Michael Martinez hires him. The sports star as to live and recuperate from an injury in this old building, so he can at least be safe and comfortable while doing so, right?
Luke is so relieved and wants to do his very best, to make Michael happy with his decision and Michael soon shows his charming side, to the handsome, young designer. So in a short time Luke finds out, Michael is more than good looks and a way to learn to live again, but an affectionate, caring young man. But after a letter from Jamie these two have more on their hands, then they bargained for.

The Right Words by Lane Hayes is a story about a sad young man with an artists soul, who is attacked by panic attacks after escaping an abusive relationship. Luke has to find himself again, his self esteem and worth. A new job as interior decorator for Michael Martinez seems just what he needs, to find his footing again. In this book, Luke tells us his and Michaels story, on his way to healing.
What I liked about the novel, was how Michael draws Luke out of his shell, so the true Luke behind the anxiousness comes out more and more, during the pages. I liked how these two interacted with each other and how the author shows us the grey veil depression and panic attacks can pull over everything. Even in “fun” parts there was always something hiding between the lines of the book and just waiting for attack, and this is exactly how it feels to live with panic attacks. And this also is exactly why I felt the book moved too fast. Lukes issues can’t be healed by kisses and a sexy boyfriend. The fact that Luke has these problems, never really played into the plot and the relationship of the main characters. And especially concerning the fact what happens with Michael and how his career and his choices for it, will impact Lukes Psyche and his healing progress. For me, everything and seemed solved too fast and easy. As it is Luke, who tells us his story, I would have wished for a deeper look into his feelings and mind. But trough the whole book, I always felt like something was missing and like I never really got to know him. I never could really feel for him and Michael and the story at now point completely captured me. Also, I think the whole Jamie-Storyline never got really in the open. I would have liked to know more, what happened with him him and maybe see him once more, during the book. But here I never felt a real rise in suspense, I felt at no time, like I just couldn’t stop to read. “The Right Words” was still a cute Contemporary Romance, I don’t regret buying and reading. It is a well written story and if you look for an easy, romantic read with lovely poetry between the pages, maybe for your commute or a lazy weekend, this book is a perfect companion. But I just wished, the characters and their backround would have a gotten a few pages more.

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Information via Dreampsinner Press:
ISBN-13: 978-1-63216-429-2
Pages: 204
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson

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