5-15-16: “Where I’ll be Waiting” Release Date

Hey all 🙂

Great news – the release date for the “Where I’ll be Waiting” e-book is set for 15th May 2016. I’m so excited. This will be my first release in english. The novel will be published with eXtasy books.

“Where I’ll be Waiting” is a child of many long nights, red eyes from staring too long at the display, cursing my cloud drive and shoving myself out of my comfort zone.

The book is a bit different from what you may have read from me before, written in German. It’s paranormal, but kind of not. It’s urban fantasy, but not as tangible as werewolf claws. It’s a bit like a fen fire – touched by the supernatural but also from this world. 😉

But I won’t say more until the blurb is free to publish for me.

Instead I’ll leave you with a link to the book and its cover: “Where I’ll be Waiting”<-Click!



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