Up for pre-order: “Where I’ll be Waiting”

Hi all,

“Where I’ll be Waiting” is now up for pre-order at eXtasy books.

Check my new baby out here:

“Where I’ll be Waiting” <-Click


Also, I can finally post the blurb:

Facing your fears, inner demons, friendship and a love to dream of.

Jesse meets a wonderful guy who is caring, attentive, lovable and handsome to boot. Unfortunately, the only time he sees Cameron, is in his dreams. Dreams that are never flimsy and fast forgotten in the morning, but feel very real. And the longer they go on, the more palpable they feel to Jesse.

Does it intrigue you? I sure hope so! 😉

I can’t wait for 5-15-16, which is the release date.

All the best,





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